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The home page of Donna, Lisa and Rita Waltz and their ever-expanding menagerie.

Many of our menagerie have their own page or a page devoted to their species or breed. These are indentified by a icon shaped like that animal. Clicking on the animal shape will take you to their page. Eventually we hope to have a page for each and every type of animal we have.

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The menagerie currently includes:

Horses (6 Friesians, and an Arab and a pony)
Rabbits (too many)
Ducks (4)
Geese (a gaggle)
Chickens (a flock)
Turkeys (5 or 6)
Dogs (2 English Mastiffs, a Greyhound, a Jack Russell Terrier and 3 mutts)
Cats (18 DSH, 2 DLH and a Traditional Siamese)
Pygmy Goats (2)
Pond Fish and Turtles (fluctuating)
Fennec Foxes (4)
Corn Snakes (3)
Anoles (2)
a Gila Monster a Moluccan Cockatoo
an African Pied Crow
a Burro
a Pot-bellied Pig
a Ferret
an African Pygmy Hedgehog
and a Muntjac in the living room

Matilda the Muntjac

Donna's Page (aka Pierian Piaffe Online)

Lisa's Page

Rita's Page

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