Current Cover
Girl and Dragon by Grace Spengler © 1999

WAPA ("W" Amateur Publishing Alliance) is a bi-monthly publishing alliance devoted to comics in general, science fiction and popular culture. Members include a wide variety of people (including lawyers, Ph.D.s, artists, writers and just plain folks) from various parts of the US and Canada. Most issues contain original art and fiction by members.

Some of WAPA's Previous Covers

January 1998 Cover
Gold Dragons by Grace Spengler © 1998

March 1998 Cover
Storm Wings by Donna Waltz © 1998

May 1998
Prairie Thunder by Kathy Marshall © 1998

November 1998 Cover
WAPA Paint by Donna Waltz © 1998

To see some of the other art done by Wapa members go to the Art Gallery

Currently, we have one roster spot and 5 waitlist spots open. If you are interested in joining please contact the current C.M. Grace Spengler at or by snail mail at 3245 S. Cherry Street, Denver, CO 80222.

Sample issues are available for $3.00.


APAs (Amateur Press Associations or Amateur Publishing Alliances) have been variously described as:
A) "a form of self-publishing dating back at least half a century"
B) "a form of communication between people who share a common interest or interests"
C) "an association of people who communicate with each other via a published collection of zines on a regular basis"
D) "a precursor to the electronic mailing list"
E) "a cocktail party in print"
F) "a chain letter for disturbed children"
G) "all of the above"

In other words, an APA is a tough beastie to describe. But I'll give it a whirl anyway...

An APA is a method by which a fairly small group of people share their interests and ideas in a print format. They do this primarily by contributing "zines". A zine is sort of personal magazine in which the APA member can express their feeling opinion, notions and creativity to an audience of people with similar interests. Each member sends a number of copies of this zine to the Central Mailer (or C.M.) would collates them and sends each member back a copy of all of the zines contibuted. This is called a "mailing issue". Most APAs put out mailing issues on a regular basis (often every other month). Many APAs also contain orginal art and fiction contributed by members.

Still doesn't make much sense?
For more information on APAs check out Mike Rawdon's APA page!

Or send for a sample issue!

WAPAns with E-mail and/or webpages

This APA Web Ring Site is owned by the "W" Amateur Press Association.

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I. WAPA ("W" Amateur Publishing Alliance) is a bi-monthly publishing alliance devoted to comics in general, science fiction and popular culture.

II. The roster is limited to twenty-five (25) members.

III. Membership requirements shall be as follows:
A. Minimum activity requirements of three (3) collated and stapled pages in any 3 consecutive mailings.
B. The initial fee to join is $5 and then a positive balance must be maintained in each account.
C. After sending in the initial fee, a prospective member's name will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. When there is an opening on the roster, the person at the head of the waitlist shall be invited to join. If that person fails to send in at least three (3) pages within four (4) months, that person will be dropped from the waitlist and his or her account wil be forfeited to the apa. The next person in line on the waitlist will then be invited in under the same terms.

IV. A Central Mailer shall be elected:
A. By majority vote.
B. In the last month of the calendar year in which a mailing is sent out (generally November), to serve a one-year term commencing with the first mailing of the new year (generally January).

V. The Central Mailer(s) shall be responsible for:
A. Setting the deadline for each mailing.
B. Setting the copy requirement for each mailing, up to a maximum of thirty (30) copies.
C. Collating and distributing the mailing.
D. Writing and collating the official organ of WAPA, "Westwords."
E. Collecting dues, handling the account of each member and of the apa itself, and presenting a complete statement of finances in each mailing's "Westwords."
F. Interpreting the by-laws.
G. Appointing an assistant CM(s) to serve in the CM's stead in the event the CM is unable to perform the duties and responsibilities listed above, either for one mailing or the remainder of the term.

VI. General apa and ordinary distribution expenses shall be divided evenly among the membership.

VII. The accounts of departing members are forfeit to the apa.

VIII. Amendments:
A. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the CM with the signatures of at least two (2) other members.
B. To become part of the WAPA by-laws, an amendment must acquire the majority vote of at least half the membership.
C. A proposed amendment shall be debated for a period of four months, unless a majority vote is reached prior to that period's end. If not receiving a majority vote by the end of the four-month period, the amendment will be dropped and may be resubmitted if desired.

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