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This is the homepage of the Secret Order of Cats and Kittens - dedicated to fighting our arch-rivals S.H.O.E. (the Sneakily Horrific Organization of Evil) where ever they may be found! Picture of our Founder This is a picture of our dearly departed founder, the pan-dimensional cat,Vladimir Ramses Pani. His guidance and wisdom is sorely missed.

Here are our current members:

Alexander Blitzen Cody (aka Cody): A big, strong cat with lightning reflexes and a mean right hook, Cody is no push-over. A very friendly gergarious cat with an odd sense of humor, he is SOCK's official greeter and front cat. Picture of Cody
Picture of Spook Theodore Locklynn Spook (aka Spook): Spook is stealth expert of SOCK. Rarely seen but often heard, he is also SOCK's offical meeting caller and alarm sounder. Shy around strangers but affectionate towards his feline friends, Spook is the oldest current member of the SOCK.
Jonathon Thomas St. John (aka Jon-Tom): Jon-Tom is SOCK's renaissance cat. A writer, researcher, political activist and good old-fashioned lover boy. Jon-Tom is also the president of the SKC (the Smurgling Kittiez Club) an activity at which he excels. Picture of Jon-Tom
Picture of Killian Panicat's Indigo Killian (aka Killian): Killian is SOCK's glamor cat and only purebred member. Named in honor of SOCK's founder, Killian is athletic and agile and the possesor of a pair of incredibly blue eyes.
Baron Von Munchmousen (aka Bear): Bear is SOCK's most travelled member. Orphaned under mysterious circumstances, Bear is a somewhat of a mystery himself. Aloof but bold, he works hard at living up to SOCK's high standards. He has SOCK's human servitor wrapped around his paw. Picture of Bear
Picture of Spot and Squeaky Spot and Squeaky (aka the Goblings): Spot and Squeaky are twins. Like Bear they were orphaned, but not under mysterious circumstances. Losing their feline mother at a barely two days old they were enough lucky to adopted by the mother of SOCK's human servitor. Still young they are quickly learning how to be extraordinary SOCK agents.
Xerxes Pani SOCK's new leader, Xerxes Pani, is the spiritual if not physical descendant of our founder Vladimir. Pink and White and Purrfect, Xerxes is having no trouble asserting his authority over the other SOCK agents. Picture of Xerxes



There are a lot of cat pages out there in cyberspace but some of them shine brighter than others. The members of SOCK have decided to honor some of these brighter lights with their very own award. The SOCK STAR SITE award.

The first two winners are:

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