The Adventures of Killian, the Kurious, Kaptivating, Kharismatic Kat

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Hi, I'm Killian and though I am still a young cat, I've already had some adventures. And I hope to have many more!
This is my newest adventure! Being in the Miss Mae Contest!

My first adventure was the biggest one so far - being born. I was born December 28th in San Diego, California at the Old-Fashioned Siamese Cattery. My father is Yesterday's Old Fashioned Samurai and my mother is Miss Tai Ling. I am seal-pointed traditional (apple-headed) Siamese.

My second adventure was leaving my parents to go live with my new person in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. My person had just lost Vladimir, a very special cat, and was looking for a special kitten to cheer her up. And there aren't many kittens more special than me! She wanted a traditional Siamese and so went looking on the web for a breeder. She found the Tradional Cat Association web page and their list of breeders. From there she found the Old-Fashioned Siamese Cattery web page. The rest as they say is history - or my story anyway.

On March 28th, I flew from San Diego to Madison, Wisconsin via American Airlines where my person picked me up and drove me to my new home.

There I had my third adventure - meeting the other cats who already lived there. They have all been very nice to me. Despite my person's worries no one has hissed or growled at me even once! There are three othe cats at my new home - Cody who plays with me and Jon-Tom and Spook who let me cuddle up next to them


Adventure number four - I got connected! I've my own webpage (as you can see) and I've joined the Back Fence Club - the cyber hangout for internet savy cats and kittens like me. I also joined the SICC (Internet Siamese Cat Club) which is dedicated to Siamese World Domination and CLAW which is the club for cats who rule!

My next adventure was acquiring a baby brother, Bear. You can read his story on his page. He's a real pest and a ta-a-long but I guess I like him. I let him lick my ears and we wrestle and play tag alot.

My latest adventure was the TCA 9th annual photo show. I won Best Traditional Siamese Kitten 2 to 4 months, was third in Best Seal Point Traditional Siamese and was fourth in Most Beautiful Eyes! And my Sire won Best Traditional Siamese Cat and my Grandsire won Best Senior Traditional Siamese! You can check out the entire show at the TCA homepage!

As a cat, good nutrition is important to me. I eat Iams and Nutro Max cat food.

I'm a member of S.O.C.K.! Check out the SOCK page!

Whew! those are a lot of adventures for a young cat like me. But I hope to continue having them. Check back here periodically and see what I've done lately. You can e-mail me at

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